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Hotel Assistant at the Village Hotel – Breb Maramures

posted 23rd July 2014

Are you bored in your corporate job? Do you want a bigger challenge with more responsibility but cannot advance in your current position? Have you had enough of city life and want to walk to work through fields and not a concrete jungle? If so, we need a good all rounder to help us run an up and coming, 20 bed boutique hotel in the sleepy village of Breb in Maramures, Romania.

Job requirements. You need to:

  • Work 5 days a week, 8 hours a day on either a morning or afternoon shift 8.00am to 5.00pm or 1.00pm to 10.00pm. Sometimes longer when the hotel is busy.

  • Cover reception, taking bookings from the internet, take calls in English and Romanian from guests wanting to book or have questions.

  • Manage volunteers that are on the same shift as you, making sure they clean the houses to a high standard and that the fresh milk, bread and vegetables from the garden are in the houses for the guests when needed. You also need to makes sure that laundry is always up to date and the sheets are ironed to a high standard etc and there are fresh flowers in the houses when guests arrive.

  • Manage English speaking volunteers on your shift and if there are many houses that need cleaning, you need to do this with them, or by yourself if no volunteers are available. We are a small business and cannot justify having a full time cleaning and reception staff. So yes, you need to be willing to get your hands dirty.

  • Be able to talk with English speaking and Romanian guests. To help them with what ever needs they have, be it directions to the Merry Cemetery or a guided walk around the village to show them where they can buy organic honey. We have a high level of customer expectation and you need to excel at being able to communicate with foreigners and Romanians from all walks of life.

  • Occasionally help with translation with locals, for… all sorts of things. They want to sell us half a pig, a wooden house, some milk. The builder needs to know exactly where the stairs go in the new house we are restoring, the delivery man from the suppliers needs to know where to put the cement etc etc.

  • Basically, run the place and the volunteers when your on your shift.

Skill requirements. You need to have:

  • A good, hard working work ethic. If you have just graduated and think life owes you a salary and hours of FB time on the reception computer, please do not apply 🙂

  • A good team player attitude to work and muck in when necessary.

  • Good written and spoken English; so you can answer email enquires and deal with guests over the phone and in person when they are here.

  • A passion for the country side and old ways of Romanian life. To genuinely be in interested in what there is to see and experience in Maramures. You don’t need to be an expert on MM, but you need to want to learn about the area and to be able to recommend to people what is what.

  • A want to live in a traditional Romanian country village. We are surrounded by the old ways of life, and you will live and work in this word. If village life is not for you, do not apply.


  • 350 euro a month, your tax payments will be deducted from this salary, so depending on your status/qualifications, depends on what tax you will have to pay to the state for your Cartea de Munca.

  • You are provided with a bed in the English speaking volunteer house. You may have to share with someone or you may have your own room, depending on space available at the time. You will share the kitchen, shower etc. The house is fully heated with hot water and wifi.

  • You are provided with food for breakfast lunch and dinner. Most of the time, fresh from the hotel kitchen gardens. You are expected to help with the communal cooking in the evenings and to keep the house clean at all times, outside of working hours.

  • Your ‘package’, as it is called in the UK, is equivalent to around earning 700 euro a month if you compare it to working in a city where you would need to rent a room and buy your own food.

What you will get:

  • You will be trained on how to provide guest with a high level of service. We are not 5 star, but we have over 20 5 star reviews in Trip Advisor. You will be taught how to keep these reviews 5 star.

  • You will get to hang out with volunteers from all over the world. Some come for a month, some stay for up to six months. You will get to practice your English and live in a western culture within the volunteer house and work environment, so good for the old CV 🙂

  • To live in nature, to live in a sleepy village that has not changed it’s ways for many generations.

What you will not get:

  • A great social life. It is rural village life, and there are no clubs or coffee shops within an hours drive.

  • A highly structured work day. Things change; guests, workers turn up at any time. Its a life style job, not a nine to five.

  • Your meals cooked for you. You need to do your turn with the cooking or help out with washing up etc.

To apply, please send a CV and a covering letter on why you think you would be good for the position to duncan@villagehotelmaramures.com 

We also need:

  • Man Mountains – We are building a restaurant area in the Village Hotel and need help with laying stones etc.
  • Carpenters – We have a kitchen to build in the restaurant area.  Salary/flights negotiable depending on experience
  • Chamber Maids – Helping out with the guests in The Village Hotel. Changing sheets, cleaning, making fires etc. 25 hour week on a volunteer basis with your accommodation and board ( including local booze) included.
  • Harvest pickers – Helping out with the harvest in Breb in Sept/ Oct picking fruits and clearing land ready for the winter. 25 hour week on a volunteer basis with your accommodation and board ( including booze) included. It is worth checking if you’re passing through as we have harvesting needs all through the summer as well.

Workingtraveller.com, Somewheredifferent.com + other sites

  • Online editor – I am launching www.workingtraveller.com and need an online editor to help with the content and get 1,000 hosts to sign up. Somewheredifferent.com has 300 pages and needs translating into Romanian and French, as well as constantly needing to be updated with new content. This role can be combined with someone who would also like to work in The Village Hotel.