Want to stay at the Village Hotel?

Other projects we are working on at the Village Hotel in Breb


Two kms up from the village we are making a hostel with tree houses and underground hobbit house in 3.5 hectares of woodland. The idea is it will eventually be self sufficient, yes we will even make our own alcohol there. The hostel will be called Transylvania Tree houses and will have its own web site. Check it out and see what we are up to there.

The kitchen gardens

We are have started in 2014 to use our land in the village to start growing organic food for the hotels kitchen. We have planted about an acre of land and are growing all kinds of thing and plan to preserve as much as we can without using any sugar.

The kitchen

We are have started in the summer of 2014 to build the kitchen where will serve the organic food we are growing to our guest. I have never run a restaurant before, but we are diving in this year and hopefully will make it a success, producing traditional Maramures dishes along with a vegetarian alternative and the best made pizzas in town in an open fire oven.

The Village Hotel grounds

We are have 6,000 sqm of land next to the hotel. We are making plans now to add in hammocks, covered areas and a fire pit for when you want to party. There will be  large organic garden in the middle of the field where you can watch the old ways of working as you look out at great views of the mountains that surround us.

The 20 hectars of land

When we first came to Breb, we bought a lot of land around the village. We plan over time to produce agricultural produce that we can use in the hotel and hostel including animals, goats, sheep and cows, producing meat, cheese, milk and everything in between for our guests and the local markets.

The Restoring old wooden houses

We are have bought several old wooden houses and are slowly restoring them. Some are for sale and some will be added to the Village Hotel. The idea is to provide accommodation for every budget for different kinds of people. Some what social locations within the Village Hotel and others want to be private and away from it all. We will eventually be able to cater to all. This is the plan any way.

The Shop

We are making plans now to build a small shop in the grounds of the Village Hotel, to sell local produce and handicrafts made by the locals. One hunting around for materials to restore the houses, we have collected a large amount of old rugs, jackets and all sorts of things and will add these to the things you will be able to buy from the shop when it opens hopefully in 2015.

Working Traveller

We Due to living the life we do, I came up with an idea for a new socail network, to help hosts like myself and travellers with skills to find each other and help them build their much needed references for work before returning home. Have a look at the Working Traveller site and see what you think.

Other Projects

We have several other projects planned when time and money allows. The underground green house for all year round tomatoes, the preserving ‘cave’, the distillery for making Horinca and jams. As the years go by, we will add in more and more ways of capturing the abundance of natural resources available to us on our land turn it into things you can eat, drink and enjoy 🙂