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Property for sale in Breb Maramures

We have two houses for sale in Breb. I do not have any details of the houses yet to put on here, but if your interested in buying a house to renovate in Breb, please get in contact and I can let you know the details.


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Property for sale in the Piatra Craiului National Park near Bran castle

Property for sale that backs on to the Piatra Craiului National Park. We now have property for sale in Pestera, Bran, Transylvania. 26,000 sqm of pasture land for sale with permission to build three houses on the land subject to completing the Regional Planning Consent(PUZ) which is only needed if you want to build three houses on the land. If you just want to covert the existing barn, there is no building permission required. The land has it’s own water supply which is rare in the area and backs on to the Piatra Craiului National Park.


Video of property for sale in Pestera near Bran Castle



Pestera, Bran near Brasov, Romania

The price is €7 per sqm meter or €182,000. The land in Pestera has an old barn on it that if converted could have three bedrooms , living room and small kitchen. The property is good for someone who wants to build three houses on the property to make a small business in renting out the villas, all the building permission have been completed and we have approval from the national park, we just need to complete the PUZ as it is called. We are holding off doing this as once this is complete you have to have started the building of the project within two years. If you would like us to complete the PUZ this would be a different price than quoted above. If someone just wants to get away from it all and convert the existing barn which you can without dealing with the local authorities – you just convert it, plum in the water from the spring and add in some solar/wind power and your up and running. If you have any questions on the property and land for sale, please feel free to get in contact and we will see how we can be of help. I am currently in Bucharest and so can arrange to show you the land if interested.

The new road to Pestera is finally being built and is now in full construction. The road will now be paved from the valley floor all the way to several hundred meters from the land to the Hotel Nobillis. This is good as it will stop any day trippers coming right up to the Piatra Craiului National Park keeping the area clear of cars, yet allows you to easily drive up the mountain only needing high clearance on your own vehicle for the last few hundred meters. The road is cleared to Nobillis Hotel in the winter allowing you all year round access to the land which sits at 1200 meters above sea level in a hire car.

The Transylvanian Highway, currently the largest Highway project in Europe is currently being built and once complete will allow simple access from the rest of Europe bringing you 20kms from Pestera. This project, apart from adding value to the whole region, will make the property very accessible and easy to get to from western Europe. To see details see the Transylvania Highway official web site.

property for sale in transylvania From the top of the land to the bottom, it is possible to build a simple ski

run for children. The length would be around 500m. If you started higher on the land in the Piatra Craiului National Park across the track at the top, you can make the run around 800meters long. Perfect for kids who want to ski and toboggan down the mountain without having to jump in a car. The image below show where the highway passed the area and where Brasov International Airport is located. The airport is currently under construction and will have low costs airlines from western europe carrying over 1 million passengers a year. This means the land in Pestera will be very accessible and a good investment in terms of increasing value over the next decade. brasov airport