Guests Stories

As well as having many different characters in the village, we also get many different types of people visiting the Village Hotel. With all kinds of requests on what they want to do when they are here. Some are interested in connecting with the locals and experiencing the local culture, some are interested in the organic food system that is alive and well in the village and some have more diverse interested when staying in Bred.

What will you want to do when staying in Breb?

We have had priests, pop stars, people from New York, Singapore, London and ever English speaking country in the world ( I think). We have had many people who live in places far more remote than Breb and in some cases, more primitive. And yes, we have had one wedding here as well. TV crews, artists, and one or two people that see the world in a different way 😉

Over time I will add in peoples stories here, as it will make a nice record of life at the village hotel, at the same time giving you ideas when when you stay.



Breb is a pretty romantic place. You can wonder around on your own and not have a care in the world. We have had several people stay on their honeymoon trip. The couple in the picture here where on a two week tour of Europe and stayed in Breb for 24 hours. They said staying in Breb and meeting the locals was the highlight of their trip. ( see our reviews )

Traditional Cloths

We had a girl from Eastern Germany come and stay. She wanted to see life as it was before the wall came down in her home town as she was born in 1989. She really wanted to get a local womans jacket. We hunted down the local guy who makes them and went to visit in the village of Desesti. She haggled the price to around 40 euros and was very happy with her new jacket.

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Desesti shirt maker maramures


Tracing Ancestors

In September 2013, we had an Australian family come and stay. They were tracing their family roots and had high hopes of finding where Grandma grew up. They we forced from the village by the Russians in the second world war and fled to Australia. After hours of getting now where we found an old man who knew the family and where they used to live.

He took us the hill and showed them all where the house was and how life was like when he was a small boy there. It was an emotional moment for them all and you could see, they had found something that was missing in their lives. What ever your interest in Maramures, we are looking forward to helping you find what ever it is when our on holiday here.

Romanians returning home

A lot of Romanians as you know, work abroad. Some go for months, some years of even decades. Many want to show their families what life was like here before 1989 when they left.

This family came to stay in Breb for two weeks and wanted to show their son the old ways and how it was. It was a walk down memory lane and an interesting time of stories of the old way of life in Romania.

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A mix of cultures

A couple from Cluj came to stay and several girls from Barcelona in the house next door. They thought they would have a problem with language but when the Horinca and Spanish clicked in, they found a way of communicating and cooked up a great dinner for everyone in Casa Veche. I took them for a walk in the forest the next day and a good time was had by all. The girls left a note saying they where sad to leave and felt like they had gone home to Spain for the weekend.

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