Mountain hikes in Breb

There are many walks you can take straight out of your door and up to the Gutin that towers over the village. Its a four hour walk and you can make it as extreme as you want. There is a 200m sheer cliff face you can scale, in the winter with one solid piece of ice. So… what ever level or hiking or climbing you are, there is something for everyone.

Mountain hikes around Maramures

There are many mountains in Maramures that need exploring. We are slowly building up a list of information one marked trails and local knowledge of where to go. This page will be updated as and when we get the information for you to know where the best hikes are.


Hiking in the winter

Snow shoes and an eye for wolfs is the way of the winter. the deer come down from the mountain and dart everywhere when approach too close. Where ever there is deer, there is the threat of wolves. I have not seen one yet, but never say never as they are out there.

Gutai Mountain

Have a look at the Gutai Mountain page for more details on the mountain that is ever present over our village.

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‘The Sheep Stations

If your up for a hike in the summer, we can go and visit the sheep stations. Get it wrong and you can be surrounded by eight crazy dogs and if you have a weak heart, its not good. But if you know the shepherds and we can call ahead or if you carry a stick and bread, you should be ok.

It is not recommended to do this on your own.

Once there you can hang out with the shepherds as long as you want, especially if you have some beer and cigarettes with you 🙂 Have a look at our shepherds safari tour for more details on walking with the shepherds.

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