Dancing with the Gypsies

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Dancing with the Gypsies

I have a few familes near  Maramures where we can stay near by and be taught their unique ways of dancing. I am constantly looking families from different Gypsy tribes so we can learn the different styles from each tribe. The tour starts in Cluj where you will fly in from London. We will move up to Breb our village in Maramures and depending on where the  families are around, will depend on where we will go next. You will end up again in Cluj to catch your flights hope. The tour will be held once a year in October to begin with and will be lead by Duncan. Maximum group size is 10 people. So if your a single traveller or a small group of people who would like to do this tour with some other like minded people, please fill in the  tour form on the left and I’ll let you know where I am with this this years tour. It has been the hardest tour to put together, but also the most rewarding.

The dates for this tour have not been set but they will probably be around mid Oct for 10 days. You will fly out on the Friday and go back the next Sunday. Have a look at the set of pictures I took when the idea of doing this tour came to me below.     Dancing with the Gypsies is an all inclusive tour and you will have a guide with you the whole time you are in Romania except when you have free time within the village of Breb. The cost is £1,000 per person. if you would like to go on this tour, please get in touch and fill in the form to the left and lets do it 🙂

Gypsies Transylvania

There is a big misconception about Gypsies in Romania. For a start, they are not Romanian. The name Roma is nothing to do with Romania. Much to the dismay of most Romanians, who feel Gypsies carry their ambassador flag abroad. ” We are not Gypsies” comes up a lot when talking about Romanians abroad. Romanians are quite anti Gypsies.


They tend to keep themselves to themselves. You might see them begging or going by on their horse and cart, but they don’t have much to do with Romanians if they can help it. Gypsies have nothing against foreigners. Foreigners are considered ‘rich’ and a perfect opportunity to make a quick buck, but Gypsies will show you respect and not be biased against you just because you’re different. They know this, and can relate.