Maramures Walking Tour

We live here, it is our back garden 🙂

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All inclusive walking tour of Maramures

Day one – land Cluj Napoca

We pick you up from the Airport and drive to through Transylvani stopping off at a gypsy village and monastery on the way if we have time. Dinner at the village hotel and drinks around an open fire after

Day two – Discover the village of Breb

  • Day off day. You need a day to ‘climatise’ to Maramures and the pace of life here. This day we can do short walks around the village and visit people in their homes our out in the fields where they will be cutting hay depending on the time of year.
  • Relax, have lunch at the hotel and read up on where we will be walking over the next week.
  • Dinner at the Village Hotel followed by drinks around the fire or a twilight walk around the village.

Day three to day nine– Walking tours

  • As we are based in the Village hotel, we can be flexible on what days we do what, due to the weather and your personal preferences. So each walk below can be done on any day.
  • The two ‘days off’ days can be any day as well.

Day three – The Cocks Crows next walk

  • Crows nest walk. This is the big one, 1440 meters high. 4 hours up and 4 hours down. There is a bit of a climb at the end but there is no ‘climbing’ as such and the views from the top are worth it.
  • We are driving to a location behind the mountain and walk to the peak. The climb is not steep.
  • Packed lunch at the top
  • We then descend down the front of the mountain into the village of breb walking through the fields where people may still be cutting their hay.

Day four – Sarbi, Calanesti and Budesti

  • Leave from the hotel around 10.00am, walking out of the village on the main road to footpath to Sarbi where we walk through fields to the village below in the vally. We walk from here to Calinesti and then back through the back roads and main road to Budesti.
  • We have simple lunch along the way in one of the shops/cafes.
  • From here we walk through the fields back to Breb and a beer at the bar around 6.00pm

Day five – Merry cemetery, stone quarry and sheep stations 27/09/014

  • Leave from the hotel around 9.00am in a car to Sighetu and the Merry Cemetery ( one hour).
  • We do a 4 hour walk from the cemetery up to the quarry and back into the village for lunch in a restaurant.
  • We then drive/walk to the sheep stations to visit the shepherds ( 3 hours)
  • Dinner in traditional restaurant in Sighetu on the way back to the Village Hotel

Day six – Breb and the surrounding countryside

  • Leave from the hotel around 9.00am by foot and walk around the village, meeting locals along the way and visiting some interesting charters we know. ( one hour)
  • We then walk out of the village up the mountain a bit to Lacsora and Zapodi, through fields and forest with views out over the Ukrain. ( 1.5 hours).
  • Lunch back at the hotel
  • We then take a different rout through the village to Hoteni, the next village and on to Ocnar sugatag ( 3 hours) for dinner. We will be picked up and returned to the hotel after dinner.

Day seven– Day off day.

  • You know your way around now and are free to walk around the village and surrounding fields to mingle with the locals cutting hay and getting the harvest in.
  • Lunch back at the hotel
  • Read a book on Mamaramures 🙂

Day eight – Budesti to Glod

  • Leave from the hotel around 9.00am by foot and walk around the road to Budesti. We then head off into the hills and will not see another house or road all day.
  • Lunch is a packed lunch along the way
  • We arrive in Glod after 5/6 hours walk where we will be met by car and ( after a beer in a local bar) we drive back to Breb ( one hour) where we have dinner.

Day nine – Isvora – Barrage and Mare – by bike

  • Leave from the hotel around 9.00am by car and taken to the turning for Isvora. We then unload the bikes and cycle through the forest to the dam being built in the valley or do this route on foot, up to you.
  • Lunch at the dam.
  • We then cycle down the valley to Mare and around the villages on the main road until we get to Alex restaurant for dinner.
  • We are then taken by car back to the hotel.

Day ten– Maramures to Cluj

  • Leave from the hotel around 9.00am by car and travel to a village near Targu Lapus.
  • We walk for one hour to see the views and do a loop back to the car.
  • Carry on to Cluj Napoca
  • Stay in a hotel, dinner in the old town
  • A taxi will come in the morning and take you to the airport for your departure.