Reportage Photography Tour

I live here, it is my back garden 🙂

Want to book a tour?

I am currently collecting the pictures for this tour 🙂 Its a ten day tour around Maramures, depending on your interests and level or adventure. Please see the pics below from the last tour. This is a full set and not an edited portfolio. 

My tour is flexible, we stay at my hotel every night, as everything we need is within an hours drive of the hotel.  All meals, transport etc are included in the costs. I have built up relationships with many people and know where to go and when etc, I work with three gypsy villages and give them prints from previous tours, so they are keen for more 🙂

So, depending on weather, who is around, what your interested in, we tailor each day as it comes, as the best pictures are often found just walking around lively places, so you never know how long you will be there.

I have hat makers, shoes makers, farmers, blacksmiths, carpenters, weavers, gypsies, traditional people etc all willing to have their pictures taken.

We also go around with a young Romanian woman who acts as translator when my Romanian lets me down and charms the old men into doing what ever we want them to do 🙂

So depending on what your interested in, we tailor each day to suit. If you want advice, I have a load, for my style of reportage. For me, its more about timing that lighting.  If you want help with light room techniques and technical help, I can do that, or just help you get into the right positions to get the shots, its up to you.

I am not cheap, I charge less however for normal organised photography tours that have ten people in a group, so… I feel I am good value for what I provide.

1 person on their own – 2,000 euro
2 people on their own – 1,500 euro each
3 people on their own, as in there is no other people in the group, just you – 1,200 euro per person

This includes all costs except bar bills outside of my village. All transport, meals out and at the hotel, entrance fees, payments for pictures  and any other costs are all included.

I love doing these tours and look forward to hopefully showing you my world and helping you get some great shots 🙂