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Weather in Romania

What month is the weather best for your holiday to Romania? I have included a description of the weather in Romania for each month as it varies so much, with high and low temperatures for Cluj Napoca, Bucharest and Maramures where our villas for rent are located.

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Weather in Romania has a climate and temperatures of the continental type, rather like that of the steppes of Ukraine, with cold snowy winters perfect for skiing and warm summers with the temperature often up in the 30s. The amount of rain is normally rather low except in the higher parts of the Carpathians. Spring up to around June are the wettest seasons when thunderstorms are most frequent. If you are staying in one of our cabanas that have views down the valley the thunderstorms are something else to watch from the safety or your cabanas balcony. In the winter the precipitation is mostly snow. As we are further North than the ski resorts in the south we get more snow and for longer period of time. Skiing in the resort of Cavnic where we take our guests in the winter is normally good from December right through to the beginning of April.

The change from winter conditions to those of summer is often abrupt and spring is a short but changeable season in Romania, it just depends on when spring comes. The dirt tracks have normally dried up and become like stone by the end of April. Late summer and autumn are often rather dry and you do get the odd heat wave. We have lived here for four summers now and in general the weather in Romania is hot and sunny most days and very different from the weather in the UK. At least if it is going to rain in Romania in the summer it lets you know, the heat builds up until one day it is very still, the clouds form, the thunder bolts and it’s all over in a few hours allowing another few weeks of perfect weather to arrive. The weather in Romania in summer is generally warm and sunny with an average of nine to ten hours of sunshine a day.

See below for an overview of each area that you might be visiting when coming on one of our Transylvania tours.

Weather in Maramures is good from June to October being hot during the day and warm well into the evenings. Between March and April the weather in Maramures can change and is normally the rainiest times of the year, but you can have some of the best weather in the year at this time as it is not too hot for walking the mountains if you’re visiting us on on one our Transylvanian Tours, and it is low season so you have the place to yourself. Each season in Maramures has its plus points, with average temperatures in the summer up in the 30s and in winter well below 0 making it great for skiing or exploring the frozen waterfalls in the Gutai Mountains. To see details of high and low temperatures for each month in Maramures, click on the month links above or for more local changes in the look at the weather in Maramures section.

If you are interested in coming to Maramures at any time of the year and experiencing the local culture and countryside, have a look at the Villas in Breb and check availability for booking. We provide two kinds of holiday, tours and villa only booking, have a look at how they work on the links below.

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Weather in Cluj Napoca is normally a bit warmer than Maramures, as we are in the mountains and get the weather from the Ukraine, so Maramures has cooler summers – not so hot as the plains and better conditions for skiing in the winter.

Bucharest is known for having great weather in the summer months and has a thriving cafe culture. They call it “The little Paris of the East”. If you want to see temperatures for each month in Bucharest click on the months above as the weather is very different for each season, so it’s well worth knowing what the weather in Romania is like for each month.

If you would like to see what Wundergound says about the temperature of Breb in Maramures, Transylvania, Romania have a look at this link that takes you straight to the satellite image of our village and the current temperature and humidity. Weather in Romania