December weather - Romania

Coming to Romania in January?


Weather in Romania in December

The weather in December in Romania is normally snow before christmas, especially up in the mountains where we are in Maramures. Our village looks like the one Santa Clause visits in the movies. A small village far far away, covered in snow in the mountains. A white christmas riding in a one horse open sleigh with a blanket over you and a bottle of holinka your sharing with the driver is the way to go on December 25th. I am told Cavnic always has snow at christmas and for the last 5 years it has, but I think the snows come ‘sometime’ in December. So no guarantees for skiing early on December. Christmas is often our busiest time of the year in terms of booking the villas because our village is what we all have in our minds for Christmas. For the locals is the biggest event of the year and something out of a fairy tale. So if you want to come and visit us on one of our Transylvania Tours or book one of our villas direct for christmas make sure you book early. You will visit other parts of Romania as well as Maramures so I have put the details of the weather and daily temperatures in Romania in December here as well. Below are the temperatures for Maramures, Bucharest and Cluj Napoca

Live weather and temperatures for Maramures




Weather in Maramures in December

Weather in Maramures in December is fresh out of a Charles Dickens novel. There can be up to one meter of snow in the village of Breb at Christmas time in Maramures. There have been years when there was no snow, people tell you about them. Like an English man would tell you about the times they DID have snow in the UK. Most houses have a sleigh that is hooked up on the back of a pair of horse and off you go anywhere on the mountain. So if we do have a lot of snow, you will always be able to get to your villa or Cabana.

Average temperature during December in Maramures is -1 degrees during the day. It is normally around -6 degrees at night and lots of snow. If your interested in visiting Romania in December have a look at our Transylvania tours or book one of our villas direct that we run all year round. But be warned, we get booked up up to a year in advance in Egypt and we assume it will be the same in Maramures. Christmas will be our busiest period her in Maramures, so book early and see you at the christmas dinner.

A good web site to check for weather forecasts for Maramures and other places in Romania in December is The link for Maramures weather is here.

Activities in Maramures in December

By the second week of December ever one is getting ready for Christmas. Cooking, cleaning the house for members of the family working abroad who will all be home for Christmas. It’s a great time to meet the locals in their houses making bread, killing the pig and doing all those things you do with a pig to persevere the meat well into next year.


Events in Maramures in December

Festivals are mainly in the summer, but there are still some events on in December in Maramures around Christmas and New Year. Below is a list if what is on with links to more information.


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1 December Activities dedicated to the celebration of Romania’s National Day


6 December – Saint Nicholas: It is said that during Christian holidays, when the sky is open, Saint Nicholas can be seen sitting next to God. The wooden church of Budeşti (UNESCO monument), built in 1643, as well as the churches from Bogdan-Vodă, Glod,Fereşti,Corneştiand Vişeu de Sus are devoted to Saint Nicholas.


14 December – “Veniţi la Viflaim” (Come to Viflaim) Christmas Carol Festival – Vişeul de Sus: Folk assemblies present traditional winter customs and sing carols as a preparation for the Christmas Hollidays to come. Info: the Mayor’s office of Vişeu de Sus, Tel: +40 262 352 880


20 December – Christmas in Maramureş – Baia Mare Village Museum: Christmas fair, the pig’s ritual sacrifice, traditional food and carollers from the villages of Maramureş; Info: Maramures Tourist Office, Tel: +40 262 206 113


24-26 December – Christmas Customs: In Maramureş, on Christmas night, lights are never turned off, and every house is decorated and ready to welcome carollers. The holiday preserves beautiful customs filled with meanings that attract people from all over who come here to enjoy the real spirit of a traditional Christmas.


25-27 December – Christmas and New Year’s Celebration – Cavnic: Young men, dressed as „brondoşi” wearing masks and bells attached to their costumes, go out on the streets to chase away bad spirits.


24-27 December – “Viflaimul” Folk Theatre – Botiza


25 December – “Vflaimul” Folk Theatre – Vişeu de Sus


25 December – “Vflaimul” Folk Theatre – Ieud


26, 28 December – By Mocăniţa” through Snow – Vişeu de Sus: you will have the opportunity to admire from the heaten old steam train the Vasser Valley covered with snow. Bonus: coffee, cookies and wine. Info: CFF Vişeu de Sus, Tel: +40 262 353 381,


27 December – “Marmaţia 2014” Winter Customs Festival – Sighetu Marmaţiei:

Every year (since 1968) after Christmas, a combination of Romanian winter customs and traditions are performed in Sighet. Peasants dressed in traditional costumes, parade in the town centre; horse riders, and carriages with carollers present customs from Maramureş and other parts of the country.

Info: Sighetu Marmaţiei House of Culture, Tel: +40 262 311 581


30 December – Rituals for finding soulmates – Dragomireşti Romanian Peasant Woman Museum: The end of the year is a good moment for young women to put in practice magical rituals that will help them find out how their future husband is going to be; Info: Tel: +40 262 337 417


31 December – New Year’s Eve: On the night between the two years, villages come alive with the sounds of children singing good luck songs and households become realms of magical rituals.


* Some of these dates are subject to change. We highly recommend you to contact the organizers prior to your visit.


Hramul bisericii de lemn Budeşti-Josani (Day of Budeşti-Josani Church’s Patron Saint) Budeşti: On the 6th of December, the celebration of St. Nicholas.
Festivalul Obiceiurilor de Iarnă (Winter Customs Festival) Târgu Lăpuş: Folkloric festival of winter traditions in Lăpuş and Chioar; parade of folk costumes, traditional performances typical of Christmas and New Year.
Hanukkah Festival – Sighetu Marmaţiei: Eight-day Jewish festival held at the end of December by the Jewish community of Sighet.
Festivalul datinilor de iarnă “Marmaţia” (“Marmaţia” Festival of Winter Customs) Sighetu Marmaţiei: A 40-year-old festival celebrating winter traditions in Maramureş.



Weather in Cluj Napoca in December

Weather in Cluj Napoca in December is normally snow, but not lots of snow so the road you travel on after leaving the airport at Cluj is normally clear and easy to drive along up through the Carpathian’s mountains and down the other side to our little fairy tale Christmas paradise.

Average temperature in December in Cluj Napoca is 0 degrees in the day but it is often a lot warmer than this around lunch time, the time you come out of the airport and a low of 5 degrees at night.


Weather in Bucharest in December

Weather in Bucharest in December is snowy, cold and a great build up to Christmas, the mulled wine is out and the big fur coats are seen on every old school woman walking the streets. As Bucharest is used to snow, it’s not like London when it snows, and chaos. It’s all under control here, you can go anywhere and carry on your Transylvanian Tour with out any problems, there used to snow here.

Average temperature during December in Bucharest is 2 degrees during the day and a low of -4 degrees at night. It normally snows in Bucharest in December so a great time to come for a break before Christmas to get you in the spirit of things.


Clothes recommended for December in Romania

Cloths recommended for December in Romania – A big warm coat, some very smart cloths for the parties and Christmas day. You will be expected to be smart and you will want to be as every one else will be in the best ( hand made) cloths. I does still rain in December and not just snow, so makes sure you coast is waterproof.