January weather - Romania

Coming to Romania in January?

The weather in January in Romania

… is great for skiing, especially in the north of Romania where ourvillas are. Breb is on the right hand side of the Carpathian mountains, so the winters are colder and have more snowfall than the ski resorts in the south. If you come on a ski holiday in January in Romania you will have the slopes to yourself during the day, enjoying the local Romanian hospitality in the evenings under the floodlit ski runs of Cavnic Ski resort. If you come and visit us on our Ski Holiday to Romania Tour you will visit other parts of Romania as well as Maramures. Below are the temperatures for Maramures, Bucharest and Cluj Napoca

Live weather and temperatures for Maramures


Weather in Maramures in January

Maramures is situated in Northern Romania and so is the coldest region in the winter, with snow falling from December and lasting into early April. In the village of Breb where our villas are, there is typically a metre of snow in January. The normal mode of transport is a one-horse open sleigh! In the last few years there have been periods were there has been not snow for some weeks in January in the village which is at an latitude of 600m above sea level. The main road is cleared on a daily basis by snow ploughs. Weather in January at the ski resort at Cavnic in Maramures Weather in January in Maramures – lots of snow! Average temperature in Maramures is -1 degree in the day and ranges from -6 to rare occasions of -15 degrees at night. If you are interested in visiting Romania for a skiing holiday in January, have a look at our Ski Holidays to Romania Tour. A good website to check for weather forecasts for Maramures and other places in Romania in January is www.weather.com The link for Maramures weather is here. through.

Activities in Maramures in January

there is lots to do in breb in January. Sking at Cavnic for one is great as there are no hotels there, and so during the day, you have the ski lifts to yourself. The weaving club is in full swing after Christmas with the women getting together doing croitte, weaving, sewing and spinning the yarn on the wheel. Trekking in the mountains can be great if the weather is good, snow shoes are normally necessary as well as a watchful eye for wolfs. Have a look at the list of things that going on in Breb in January and you will see there is lots to experience without another tourist in site.


Events in Maramures in January

Festivals are mainly in the summer, but there are still some events on in January in Maramures. Below is a list if what is on with links to more information.

1 January – New Year’s Customs:

In the villages of Maramureş, the New Year’s Day overflows with customs and beliefs; children are the actors of “the Goat Dance” and “the Star”, maidens practice rituals related to finding their soul mate, youngsters steal and twist gates to trick people and so on. Everywhere there are signs that show how the New Year is going to be.

6 January – Epiphany’s Day:

All Christians have their homes blessed by the priest, who goes from house to house and sprinkles rooms with holy water. At countryside, his arrival is announced by groups of children. It is said that, when the priest says the word “Tiralexai”, the person gets courage and cleans himself of evil.

6-14 January – Christmas and New Year according to the old Calendar: The Ukrainian communities of Sighet, Rona de Sus, Poienile de sub Munte, Ruscova, Remeţi, Bocicoiu Mare, Repedea, and Bistra celebrate Christmas and New Year according to the old calendar.

Weather in Cluj Napoca in January

is similar to our part of Maramures. It tends to be milder in January and not so much snow. This is due to Cluj Napoca being 1000 meters lower than our mountain area and being on the left side of the Carpathian Mountains and so not getting the full brunt of the winter winds from the plains of the Ukraine that bring the snows down to Maramures. We will normally pick you up from Cluj Airport when you come on our Romanian Ski Holiday tour. The roads are always kept clear unless there has a blizzard in the last few hours.

Average temperature in Cluj Napoca in January is 0 degrees during the day and a low of – 6 degrees at night. You need to be prepared for – 15 and lower in January. It’s not common but you normally get a few weeks a year under -10.

Weather in Bucharest in January

Average temperature in Bucharest in January is 2 degrees in the day and a low of -5 degrees at night, although it can get as low as -15. Weather in Bucharest is normally a few degrees warmer than Maramures and Cluj Napoca. Bucharest is on the southern planes of Romania and if the wind is blowing north will receive the Mediterranean winter temperatures and be a lot milder than the north. If you come to stay in our villas in Breb via Bucharest you will have a great train journey through the snow through the night to Sighetu. The trains run every day to Sighetu and unless there is a very heavy snowfall the day before there is normally no problem with the trains

Clothes recommended for January in Romania

Think ski clothes. It will rarely rain in January, it just snows. A good fleece as a light option for when the sun comes out is a good idea.