July weather - Romania

Coming to Romania in January?

The weather in July in Romania

The weather in Romania in July is hot and sunny all month long. The grass is still green from the odd shower from June, but the sun is hot now and drying out the grass keeping the locals busy cutting the hay by hand every day out in the fields. The children have finished school and the young adults are home from University or Italy. The village is full of locals and they are all out in the fields in the day cutting away with their scythes. They are more than happy for you to join in with the hay making and you become part of the team within minutes of helping out. If you come and visit us on one of our Transylvania Tours or book one of our villas direct you will visit other parts of Romania as well as Maramures so I have put the details of the weather in Romania in July there as well. Below are the temperatures for Maramures, Bucharest and Cluj Napoca


Live weather and temperatures for Maramures



Weather in Maramures in July

Weather in Maramures in July is hot and sunny days and warm evenings. I can get very hot so bring a sun hat for kids or sun cream but we have a local resort down the road with several swimming pools for children so don’t worry about it being too hot, just enjoy the great weather and take it all in. If you going walking high in the mountains the air is cooler up there but still T shirt weather long into the night.

Average temperature during July in Maramures is 23 degrees during the day but it can be as high as 40 degrees if there is a heat wave on. We have had 35 degrees many time in Breb in the last few years in July. It is normally around 13 degrees at night but there will be several days when the weather is still very warm at night so T shirts around the fire is the norm even at midnight . If your interested in visiting Romania in July have a look at our Transylvania tours that we run all year round.

Activities in Maramures in July

there is lots to do in breb in January. Sking at Cavnic for one is great as there are no hotels there, and so during the day, you have the ski lifts to yourself. The weaving club is in full swing after Christmas with the women getting together doing croitte, weaving, sewing and spinning the yarn on the wheel. Trekking in the mountains can be great if the weather is good, snow shoes are normally necessary as well as a watchful eye for wolfs. Have a look at the list of things that going on in Breb in January and you will see there is lots to experience without another tourist in site.


Events in Maramures in July

Festivals and summer is here. Below is a list if what is on with links to more information.Zilele oraşului Seini (Days of Seini Town)Seini: Various cultural events and shows with local traditional produce for sale.

5-6 July – “The Festival of Dances, Songs and Costumes from Fisculaş” – Dumbrăviţa: The best occasion to become familiar with the customs of the villages in the Fisculaş region.
Info: the Mayor’s office of Dumbrăviţa, Tel: +40 262 299 001

20 July – Saint Ilie’s Day –Dragomiresti Monastery Celebration:
Each year, on Saint Ilie’s Day, Christians gather at Dragomiresti Monastery to pray to the miraculous icon of the Virgin Mary. It is believed that Saint Ilie is walking in the sky throwing thunders and beating people who don’t honour his day with a fire whip. Fear of thunder strikes keeps people away from working the fields, giving them time to rest.

20-27 July – Hay Celebration: In July, there is a special week when it is said that working the fields can stir the anger of nature phenomena. Tradition says that one must not gather hay, because Saint Ilie may set it ablaze. One must not use metal farming tools as they might provoke thunderstorms.

Festivalul dansului, cântecului şi portului de pe Fisculaş (Festival of Dance, Song and Costumes in Fisculaş)Dumbrăviţa: This festival of the traditions is held in various villages between Baia Mare, Baia Sprie and Lăpuş River in July. Well worth a visit if you’ve been out for the day in Baia Mare.Tabăra de sculptură, pictură şi ceramică (Sculpture, Painting and Ceramics Camp)Held in Sighetu Marmaţiei shwoing off killed traditional artists exhibits made by their own hands including all sorts of different local orniments.Hramul Mănăstirii Dragomireşti (Day of Dragomireşti Monastery’s Patron Saint)Normaly on the 20th of July, the feast of St Elijah; a pilgrimage to the monastery and its miracle-working icon.

A good web site to check for weather forecasts for Maramures and other places in Romania in February is www.weather.com The link for Maramures weather is here.

Weather in Cluj Napoca in July

Weather in Cluj Napoca in July is hot and sunny, bring your sun glasses and sun cream. You will see all the peasant family is out on the fields getting in the hay using traditional methods of farming with a scythe and stacking the hay in clays, fresh out of a constable painting in the Transylvania country side as you drive from Cluj Airport up through the Carpathian mountains. If you come to Breb on one of our Transylvania Tours or you have booked the villa direct, you will pass through the heart of rural Transylvania and some some very scenic country side past the charcoal burning camps in the mountains before heading down the other side towards Cavnic and on to old Maramures and our village of Breb.

Average temperature in July in Cluj Napoca is 24 degrees in the day but it is often a lot warmer than this around lunch time and a low of 13 degrees at night.

Weather in Bucharest in July

Weather in Bucharest in July is like a a great summers day in England. It can get quite hot in Bucharest, even in July so make sure you have your sun cream and protection from the sun. If your out in the cafes of the old town the tables will be full on the streets and empty inside. The evenings are warm not and fine to wear a T shirt all night till the sun comes up. I know, I did it a few times in the summer of 2010:)

Average temperature during July in Bucharest is 24 degrees during the day and a low of 13 degrees at night but my experience of Bucharest is it is much warmer than this most of the time in July.


Clothes recommended for July in Romania

Cloths recommended for July in Romania – T shirt, summer weather clothes and a waterproof as it does still occasionally rain up in the mountains. But it never gets cold in July unless your sleeping out right on the top of Gutia Mountain.